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Living service

The non-profit organization Réseau de Services Vincent was established to offer care and living comfort in the South. This is linked to the rich tradition of a Flemish residential care facility, which is embedded in a large Flemish socio-profit network. We focus on quality of life, price-conscious choices for living and the services that are offered and are open to a wide audience.

First of all, we offer a quality residential project, where all units have a view of the sea and the mountains.

The entry price is deliberately made as sharp as possible, which applies to owners (purchase) and also to tenants (who in turn rent it from private owners).

The services offered are of the same frame of mind: good quality for an acceptable price. These services must make it possible to live as independently as possible in freedom, while still providing the necessary guarantees. A number of items are included as standard, a whole range is also offered without obligation. So there is a lot "available", at restaurant you call this "a la carte".

What do we offer next to the purchased/rented home

  • A nice environment where it is pleasant to stay
  • A special climate, Mediterranean in summer and mild in winter
  • A unique location, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and the Spanish border / Pyrenees
  • A green environment, located on the edge (in front) of unprotected fragile nature zone and on the other side adjoining a modern residential area
  • A pleasant village within walking distance, with a beautiful historic core and basic facilities such as hairdresser, shop, a few restaurants and medical post
  • A modern-run care center just steps away to insure certain basic services in the vicinity.
  • The opportunity to enjoy a daily hot meal at a democratic price in the common room.

General syndic services for the maintenance of the common parts

  • Possibility to rent / purchase a parking space and / or car port on the property
  • Rental service included in your owner-occupied home: we make an effort to let your apartment, if desired, on a temporary or permanent basis, or assume the role of interface between you and the tenant.
  • Invoicing service, accounting and management of the residence
  • The presence of a freely accessible community hall, where outside the meal event many activities with internal and external partners can also continue. There is a small bar in this room for certain occasions.
  • Use of communal swimming pool and sun terrace.
  • An emergency call system, in case you suddenly need help, and this 24/7 throughout the year.
  • Guidance to organize the home, to connect the utility prescriptions and to provide guidance in all kinds of administrative obligations that entail a stay in the South.

Day price 8 Euro/day

In addition to the purchase of your apartment, or its rental, there is a day price of 8€/day which covers the following:

  • The presence of residential assistance, which weekly has a number of fixed moments in the residence. This person can mediate in the search for all kinds of extra services that you might need: such as home nursing, family care, transport to leisure and tourist destinations as well as for medical visits or shopping. The resident assistant can also make the link between regal medical experts and your medical connections at the home front. Finally, the residential assistant is also the connector with relatives near or far away, if necessary.
  • General syndic costs (for syndic, maintenance of general parts and garden, maintenance elevator, parking, garden, swimming pool, community hall)
  • Possibility to have a daily hot meal in the community room.
  • Accounting, rental (without result obligation) and invoicing service of the rental apartments
  • Emergency call system 24/7
  • Waste collection point
  • Electricity and water common parts
  • Use swimming pool
  • Use multipurpose room for meals or planned activities

What is not included?

  • Housing tax
  • Transport to and from destination (shopping, doctor, hospital)
  • Energy in your flat: the water, the electricity; measurement of own counters.
  • Telephone costs
  • Services in your flat: maintenance, possible family care, ...
  • Hairdresser, pedicure, doctor

Do you want to enjoy this for the rest of your life?