UPDATE: construction starts very soon!

The architecture has been adapted to the region in terms of color for a pleasant regional experience. Modern technology and a sustainable building method are united in the residential complex. A lot of light provides an optimal atmosphere, so you can enjoy the sun both indoors and outdoors. The complex is also wheelchair-friendly and accessible for people with disabilities.

What makes "Entre Mer & Montagne" special is that the apartments are available for an accessible budget. The launch price varies from just 182.320 euros for our most affordable flats to a maximum of 298.910 euros for our most expensive ones (excl. VAT). Also all basic appliances in the kitchen are included. Further furnishings and equipment (furniture and appliances) are offered as an option.

Residential service apartments

  • 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • Completely finished
  • Terrace in front and at the back
  • Fully wheelchair accessible
  • Emergency call systems
  • Private living environment (incl. terrace): from 75 m²

The residence

  • Panoramic view of the sea and mountains
  • Hiking trails through the garden
  • Multifunctional relaxation room
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi, lounge and deck chairs
  • Patio with walking bridges
  • TGV, airport, motorway nearby
  • Type T-2: 1 room, 76 m²

  • On ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor
    • Surface: 55 m²
    • Terrace 1: 15 m²
    • Terrace 2: 6m²
    • Options:
      • Garden
      • Furniture package

From € 182.320

  • Type T-3: 2 rooms, 83 m²

  • 1st and 2nd floor
    • Surface: 69 m²
    • Terrace 1: 8 m²
    • Terrace 2: 6 m²
    • Option:
      • Furniture package

From € 222.125

  • Type T-4: 3 rooms, 106 m²

  • 1st and 2nd floor
    • Surface: 93 m²
    • Terrace: 13 m²
    • Option:
      • Furniture package

From € 298.910

Do you want to enjoy this for the rest of your life?